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At J Lowther & Sons, we’re nothing but trendy. We’re always keeping an eye on the latest trade trends to ensure we can continue to offer our customers the very best in driveways, block paving, patios and landscaping in Warrington. The latter being the subject of our latest blog!

With summer finally here, there’s no better time than to revamp your garden with our landscaping service in Warrington. From walls and fencing to paving and water features, we have all the expertise to create your perfect vision, working with you through every step.

With the help of our green-fingered landscaping Warrington team, we’ve picked out some top garden trends for summer 2021!


Grow your own and forget flat; let’s go vertical! –

Never before have customers been more conscious of the eco-footprint and impact their choices have on our planet.

One simple choice you can make for the good of all, including your own mental health and wellbeing, is by growing your own veg in a garden allotment.

From carrots to potatoes, to herbs and spices such as coriander and chilli’s, nothing will beat the taste of veg that you’ve lovingly grown. It’s cost-effective too, with many garden centres and supermarkets selling seeds at a more than reasonable price!

A trend that’s only getting more popular as the summer and year goes on is vertical gardens.

For space-saving and those customers with little outdoor space or in a flat with balcony space, there’s no better option than a vertical garden.

You can still have all the greenery and foliage that you’d expect from a traditional garden. If you were to pair this landscaping in Warrington with block paving, no grass to mow – what a result!


Raised Flower Beds to protect your prize plants! –

As a business, we’ve seen an increase in requests for raised flower beds using a variety of materials such as wooden planters.

Raising your prized plants from the floor is an excellent alternative for older gardeners in particular, as the need for bending down/over is lessened.

Raised planters are also a great tool to utilise if you have pesky pets who are a bit too fond of your foliage!

Up away from ground-level not only protects your plants but also helps maintain optimum soil temperature and drainage to encourage plant and vegetable growth.

Embrace nature –

A fantastic way to help our planet and get your children learning about animals and plants is by embracing nature!

Planting pollen-rich plants, plants with medicinal properties and other foliage will encourage animals such as bees, snails and butterflies back into your garden.

You might even encourage everyone’s favourite little critter, the hedgehog, back by building a hedgehog hotel!

So there you have it, Jack and the landscaping in Warrington team’s top tips for your summer garden overhaul in 2021 – now all that’s left to do is to pick up the phone and call 01925 394 813 or click for an online quote!

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