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Specialising in creating Block Paving Warrington Driveways that are guaranteed to be high-quality and long-lasting.

Block Paving Warrington Driveways and Patios offer versatility, in the form of a variation of blocks that can be used. Your vision can be met through a range of colours and styles that we offer here at J Lowther & Sons. A tasteful addition will also increase the value of your property, making it a very practical investment.




Why Block Paving?

Block Paving creates a stylish, spacious area that can enhance the aesthetic value of any property.  Whether it’s used for parking your car or a space to relax in, it can be a low-maintenance, cleaner alternative to grass or gravel, that’s ideal for both Driveways and Back Gardens.

Block paving in Warrington is a decorative method of pavement creating that offers a wide range of colours, shapes and styles of blocks for enhanced durability, strength and personalisation.

The blocks used are typically made up of recycled materials such as crushed glass and building rubble. This is always a popular choice for homeowners as property value is increased as well as improved visual appearance.

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What are the Benefits of Block Paving?

  • Enhanced property value and appearance

  • Wide choice of style and colour

  • Popular interlocking pattern for increased durability and strength

  • No costly repairs as block paving allows for single tiles to be removed and repaired without impairing the rest of the area

  • Allows for easy drainage without the need of adding additional drainage

Where can Block Paving be used?

Typically seen and used for drives, pavements, patios, walkways and road surfacing. It proves to be a popular choice for many home-owners because of the flexibility in choice it opens up, giving you creative control over your driveway or patio.

With a range of colours, styles and shapes to choose from the end result will be personalised and unique. The brick paving design will be brought to life by our experienced team in Warrington who will install the driveway or patio and ensure that it makes a stylish new addition to your home.

Used in light traffic areas it’s also a great solution as a surface option for walkways and roads due to the strength of the interlocking and the ability to replace individual blocks.

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