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Here at J Lowther & Sons, we cater to all types of driveway requests. From block paving to tarmac, resin to concrete, we’ll tackle any driveway challenge!

In our latest blog, we’ve decided to focus on the pros and cons of gravel driveways. Gravel driveways can be a cost-effective option for those customers looking to use as few materials and man-hours as possible.

We’ll also focus on the pros and cons, which will hopefully help you make the best decision for your new driveway. To view all our blogs on driveways, landscaping and block paving, click here.

Where is a Gravel Driveway most suitable? –

Gravel Driveways often works best for properties in rural areas, such as cottages or farmhouses.

This is often because properties in such areas are often surrounded by large trees and fauna; the roots of these trees usually mean that the ground underneath is prone to movement.

A key feature of gravel driveways is that they are extremely flexible. Any movement will primarily go unnoticed, and no harm will come to your new driveway!

Pros of a Gravel Driveway –

There are many pros of a gravel driveway. Still, for the purposes of this blog, we’ve decided to highlight three significant advantages of a gravel driveway:

  • Easy maintenance – For those customers looking for a driveway that can take care of itself and doesn’t require much further maintenance after installation, a gravel driveway is a perfect choice. Once filled, a gravel driveway is ready and raring to go for whatever you can throw at it!
  • Can be replaced/replenished if needs be – Gravel is one of the most accessible materials to replace or refill. One area looking less complete than it should? No problem, give the J Lowther & Sons team a call, and we’ll be happy to help with our locally sourced gravel!
  • Dreamy Drainage! – Drainage can be a problem pain for many driveway owners; not so with gravel driveways! Rainwater falls and simply is absorb and drained away by gravel. It’s that simple!

Cons of a Gravel Driveway –

Like all driveways, gravel does have some drawbacks. Like above, we’ve chosen three to focus on:

  • Gravel is a low-end materialSome customers may be looking for a more premium material for their property. If so, a gravel driveway isn’t for you. We’d recommend block paving or tarmac.
  • Cleaning can be trickyIf you’re the clean and tidy type, then a gravel driveway isn’t for you! Given the loose nature of gravel, a spot you may clean might move straight after!
  • Prone to pesky weedsA gravel driveway isn’t alone in its fight against weeds. A trusty weed killer should do the trick, but always kill the root and not the leaves!


For more on gravel driveways, call Jack on 01925 394 813 or click for a free quote here. The hardest working team in Warrington wants to make your driveway dreams a reality!

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