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Similar to our last J Lowther & Sons blog, there’s nothing worse than getting your dream driveway completed and then low and behold disaster!

The green shoots of the worse kind, weeds start to appear. The pesky plant has been the bane of driveways and gardens alike, ever since well…ever!

However just like with oil on a driveway, the J Lowther & Sons team have got the solution to your problem. How you remove weeds from your driveway, is dependent on what type of driveway you have had installed.

We’ll talk you through your options on each variety of driveway we offer, allowing you to say good riddance to those wearisome weeds:


Block Paving Driveways:

When weeds grow through block paving, they will more often than not, grow directly through the paving stones. This can sometimes even force the blocks apart, which is not what you want for your new driveway!

To ensure this doesn’t happen, here are our top tips for removing weeds from your block paving driveway:

– Remove the weed

You’ll need a handy tool for this (something like this would be perfect) and a good pair of gardening gloves! You can remove the grassy/leaf part of the weed but you’ll need something a bit stronger to get to the root…

– Grab the weed killer!

Once you’ve got your weed killer of choice, get spraying! However, take care to be precise as you don’t want to impair the look of your new driveway. Get the nozzle as close to the gap between your block paving; this will ensure you get to the heart of the problem, the root.


Resin Driveways:

If you have been plagued by weeds in the past on previous driveways, your next driveway of choice should be a resin driveway! Here’s why:

– Gravel Drainage Base Layer = No Sunlight for weeds to grow!

Because of how a resin driveway is put down (using a mixture of gravel and asphalt for drainage), this stops sunlight getting to soil, which therefore means weeds cannot grow!

– One continuous layer = no gaps

A resin driveway is one continuous layer, which given its flexible nature is highly unlikely to crack. No gaps mean no weeds!


We hope this has helped you get your new driveway looking back to its best. If you would like the J Lowther & Sons team to take a look at your next home improvement idea, call us on 01925 394 813 or click here for a free quote!

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