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Although there’s no such thing as a bad time to have that garden makeover you’ve dreamt of, we at J Lowther & Sons believe that no time is like the present – with summer presenting as good an opportunity as ever.

So what is landscape gardening?

Landscape gardening is all about improving the appearance of land. Professional landscapers are able to use their imagination and skill to design the garden or open space you’ve longed for.

This can be done in multiple ways, from the usual addition of plants and flowers to more permanent installations, such as rocks, furniture, ponds and walkways.

Using professionals will make sure they make full use of the space, with many gardens appearing bigger afterwards.

How much would it cost to get my garden landscaped by a professional?

A question that is almost impossible to answer, but there are several varying factors that could affect the cost, including;

  • The size of the job
  • The current state of the garden
  • The furniture and additions you want (budget, mid-level, luxury)

If you’re still unsure of what to do, then here are some of our reasoning’s why you should get your garden landscaped in the summer…

Save time and money

Winter is not only significantly cooler, but the lack of daylight hours means your landscaping job could take significantly longer than if it was to be completed in the summer.

Take advantage of those long nights and scorching weather and you’ll save yourself both time and money in the process.

See exactly how and what you want changing

It makes sense to redesign your garden during the summer, with the visual aspect rarely clearer than this period.

Your plants will be in full bloom, the grass full of colour and the problem areas will be far easier to spot than in winter.

You’ll also get the finished article there and then, rather than worryingly waiting for an age for the first bit of sunshine to shine down on your garden.

Availability is usually better

Believe it or not, many opt to think about garden changes in the other seasons. Either by wanting a full summer of their new garden or simply being content with what they already have when the weather is nice.

Jump the queue and get the ideal garden when you choose. Choosing a quieter time will also enable the landscaper to dedicate more of his time and ideas, as well as being able to tweak anything if necessary.

It may make more sense financially

Not only is it gloomy outside but due to Christmas and extra household bills, you may be better off holding out until the warmer months to landscape your garden. This will allow you to have more disposable income, and you can add extra features or benefits to your landscaping work.

Doing it at a time of financial restraint will only lead to you not getting something you really want, and forking out more, in the long run, to get that rectified/modified.

Get in touch today, we have years of experience landscaping garden, leave the hard work to us!

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