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At J Lowther & Sons, we pride ourselves on our Driveways – after all, it’s in our business name!

From tarmac to resin to block paving, you name it, Jack and the team can deliver your dream driveway in a timeframe that you have to see to believe!

The focus of our latest blog is brilliant Block Paving and why it could be a great option for your next driveway project.

Read on for a list of reasons why Block Paving could be right for you and your driveway –


Versatility –

One of Block Paving’s major assets for driveways is that it offers a high degree of versatility to both the design and the layout of your new driveway.

Whether it’s shape, size or colour, there’s a Block Paving driveway for everyone at J Lowther & Sons!

This versatility offers our customers a level of customisation that a tarmac driveway just can’t offer, not to mention enhancing the durability and strength of your driveway.


Eco-Friendly –

For the eco-conscious customer, the blocks used in a Block Paving driveway are more often than not made using recycled materials such as glass, sand or even disused building materials.

This not only means you’re doing your bit for the planet but you are also increasing your property’s value in both an aesthetical and monetary sense!


Easy Maintenance –

A Block Paving driveway is one of the easiest driveways to maintain upon completion.

Troubles with drainage are a thing of the past with the design and layout of individual blocks making rainwater and other liquids easily drainable.

Should you ever need repairs to your driveway, you don’t need to worry about a full overhaul with Block Paving!

Single tiles can be removed and repaired, without compromising the quality of your new existing driveway.


Perfect for first-time buyers or those looking to put their house on the market, a Block Paving driveway could be the solution to your problems.

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