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Easter is swiftly approaching, which means it’s time to hide those Easter Eggs! For parents, it can be difficult to come up with new hiding spots frequently each year. Lucky for us, the Easter Bunny has given J Lowther & Sons some top tips on how to hide easter eggs effectively! In this blog, we’ll share some ideas for making your Easter Egg hunt extra exciting this year.

Planning the Hunt

Your Easter egg hunt should always begin with lots of thoughtful planning. Not only should you think about where to hide your easter eggs, but you should also consider making the experience great and enjoyable for all!

Hide Easter Eggs Strategically

When setting up, you should hide your Easter Eggs in unique spots. Choose hiding spots that require more of a search that your child wouldn’t initially consider.

Be Inclusive

If your Easter Egg hunt is for a large group of children, consider their possible height differences. For shorter children, remember to include hiding spots that are more reachable for them.

Focus on Safety

Make sure all of your hiding spots are safe for children. Avoid any prickly plants, electrical areas, tools, or recent garden projects. It is also important to consider your pets. Keep an eye on your pets or keep them out of the way to avoid any accidental chocolate consumption.

Creative Hiding Spots

Now that we’ve set out some important details, it’s time to get creative! It is very important to analyse your garden and use it to your advantage. Every garden is different, so think about what hiding spots would work in your garden.

Lots of Greenery

Make sure that you use the greenery to your advantage. Hide Easter Eggs behind bushes, amongst flowers and behind big plant pots. If you have trees in your garden, you can carefully place Easter Eggs behind them, too. Be careful that the children don’t damage plant life through trampling or picking at them. Also, make sure to avoid any dangerous plants that could put the children at risk of hurting themselves.

Disguise with Outdoor Decorations

Using outdoor decorations is a great way to hide your Easter Eggs. If you have any ornaments, water features or birdhouses, these could be efficient hiding spots that your children may not expect.

Incorporate Garden Furniture

Carefully slipping an egg under a garden chair is an easy spot for when you’re running out of ideas. But you could also consider hiding your Easter Eggs within the folds of an umbrella or within the nook of a table. Your children may have a swing set or trampoline that could hold an egg during the hunt. These can give a mix of easy-to-find eggs, as well as some harder spots.

Landscaping with J Lowther & Sons

An exciting Easter egg hunt in the garden is a fun adventure that will always create unforgettable family moments. Keep developing new memories for generations to come with a brand-new garden! Here at J Lowther & Sons, we offer a Bespoke Landscaping service that will create the perfect haven for the whole family. Why not get in touch with us? Call 01925 394813 today!

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