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At J Lowther & Sons, if there’s one thing we know, like the back of our hands, it’s driveways.

In our latest blog, we look at what makes a driveway permeable and how we can offer them to our customers.


What makes a driveway permeable?

A driveway is permeable when it allows liquids or gases to pass through. A driveway that allows fluid to pass through, such as rainwater, makes a permeable driveway a fantastic option for those customers looking to make their home more eco-friendly.


Do you offer permeable driveways?

Yes, we do! Our permeable driveway options include gravel and resin-bound driveways.


Gravel Driveways –

Gravel Driveways are a great place to start when looking at permeable driveway options.

To slow down the drainage and allow rain to soak through, you’ll need to make your gravel driveway a combination driveway.

Soil is a fantastic natural option. It will make your home more eco-friendly and encourage plants and other wild flora and fauna to grow, but it will also hold the gravel in place.

This ensures that the gravel doesn’t spill over into surrounding areas, causing a bit of a mess which is not what you want!


Resin Bound Driveways –

Resin Bound Driveways are the perfect amalgamation of gravel and tarmac driveways. Taking the best of both and combining them to make the ultimate eco-friendly driveway!

Offering a great appearance all year round, resin-bound driveways have small gaps which form between the stones, which allow rainwater to soak straight through.

Like a porous sponge, Resin-bound driveways are always puddle-free but maintain the firmness of tarmac driveways.

This makes a resin-bound driveway the perfect option for those customers who have slight reservations about the accessibility of gravel driveways.

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