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​It might not be here just yet but winter is well and truly coming. Unless you are a winter baby, it isn’t the most popular of the four seasons, because of its drop in temperatures and the unpredictability of the weather!

One area of your home that winter can really hit is your garden. At J Lowther & Sons, we have a specialist landscaping team that, just for you, our customers, have put down their barrows and trowels and got together (with a cup of tea of course!) to give you their top tips for preparing your garden for winter!

So, sit back in front of the fire and read on how you and your garden can beat Jack Frost this winter…


Sweep Up and Collect Fallen Leaves

As pretty as they look, once the rain starts pouring those falling leaves could turn into an accident waiting to happen!

Grab a good sturdy rake and get those autumn leaves cleared from any problem paths. Don’t head to the green bin though…

Leaves can be composted to then be used on your borders – great for your plants and the planet.


Take Care of Your Lawns

It’s easy to take the health of your lawn for granted but it needs some extra care for it to be ready to battle the winter elements.

Start by removing any excess moss and then grab a garden fork or any similar-sized tool that you have to hand. This is where you need to ‘aerate’ or to me and you put some holes in your lawn!

This is done to maximise the next step – adding a top layer of sand or equivalent to your lawns. The key here is to provide a rich source of nutrients to sustain the health of your lawn heading into winter, which will aid strong roots.


Provide Pots with Shrubs some extra protection

Just like your skin in winter, your shrubbery needs extra protection. It’s really simple to do all you need is some bubble wrap and some garden sacks (available from most garden stores).

Using both the bubble wrap and sacks to cover your pots, not only provides doubly effective insulation, this improved heat transfer protects roots and your pots from cracking!

It’s a double garden win!


Get your Garden Furniture to shelter

You know it makes sense, as garden furniture isn’t often cheap!

Before you find that perfect place for your garden furniture to hide, make sure to give it a good clean and if the material is wood, treat it with a quality wood treatment product.

Once done, use a good quality cover or tarpaulin and your garden furniture is ready for its hibernation until the warmer months return.


Welcome Winter Wildlife

A healthy garden is nothing without its wildlife. Just as the winter chill can be tough for humans, it’s even tougher for garden-visiting animals!

Helping out wildlife in the colder parts of the year will only prove beneficial for your garden in the spring and beyond.

Bird feeders, water baths and even bug hotels are a great way to get children involved with your garden and nature – The Beatle-Bug Hotel, will surely see many a reservation from visiting insects!

Having a thriving garden ecosystem is a great partnership to have between your home and nature, as all of the different species combined will only contribute to a healthy garden.

For any further advice on Landscaping or improvements to your garden, please give Jack and the team a call on 01925 394 813 or ask for a quote online here.

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