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Looking to do some home improvements or get the tired old driveway looking shiny and new for the New Year? At J Lowther driveways we specialise in all types of driveways including tarmac driveways.

We all know that a freshly laid tarmac drive can be great to drive on, but how can a tarmac driveway make your life easier?

Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest benefits of having a tarmac driveway is the ease of maintenance. With typical block paving driveways over time these types of driveways can gain weeds between the sand fillers forcing you to spend your hard earned Saturday afternoon off from work, pulling these out and spraying weed killer. With well-laid tarmac driveways, these are sealed and do not gain weeds saving you lots of time.

Again with other driveway types such as block paving, these types require the sand jet washing out and replacing every few years to make sure these driveways last for years. As well as the time sink, this can be a costly experience. With tarmac driveways, these are pretty much a self-sufficient solution with little work required. We would recommend a light jet wash when you clean your car and brush up lose leaves at that it.

A clean driveway solution

With over types of driveway solutions such as a gravel pit to roll your car onto, this can be a messier affair. Unlike tarmac driveways, these types of drives can leave you with stones covering footpaths as well as flowerbeds. Tarmac driveway is a solid driveway form meaning no stones get kicked up when you’re entering your drive or leaving. By reducing time cleaning up your driveway area this makes your life much, much easier.

Just forget about it

With any well-installed tarmac driveway, you can just kick back and put your feet up. These types of driveway installations last for many years with little maintenance and care meaning you can simply forget about and use it to its full advantage.


Tarmac driveway is a level installed driveway solution offering ease of walking or using pushchairs. If you have a wheelchair user in the family, tarmac driveways allow for ease of use. These make life so much easier for elderly also.

In comparison to other solutions such as gravel, this type would not provide a stable surface for wheelchair users, pushchairs or elderly residents or visitors.

With all this new forged time, you will have more time to spend on looking after your garden or spending time with family and friends.

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