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How can I find the best patio furniture?

Trouble finding what to put in your newly laid patio garden? Find the top 5 tips you should take to furnish your patio right here!

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1) Get organised

With any project, good planning will always make for a smoother process. If you have recently finished with designing and having your patio installed, then you will know that getting your thoughts written down and in order is much easier than trying to organise everything without any previous planning. Start by making a list of all the essential pieces of furniture that your need for your patio, followed by the non-essentials and things that you don’t necessarily need, like any decorations that have caught your eye. This way, you can spend the majority of your budget on the things that you actually need, and spend any leftover money on the things that you want.


2) Choose comfort

To get the best use out of the furniture you buy, make sure that every piece is as comfortable as possible, as more people will want to use it when you have guests. Try and achieve the same comfort levels as your interior furniture – that way, your patio furniture won’t seem as isolated and unwanted, it will simply feel like an extension of your comfy indoor sofas and chairs.   Image result for patio chairs  

3) Consider maintenance

Patio furniture can be victim to wind, rain, hail and snow – so you need to consider how much maintenance you are able, or want, to do. Generally, chairs and tables in metal or wicker can take a beating – just make sure that any separate cushions are kept inside overnight, or when weather conditions are brutal, to ensure their longevity. To further increase the lifespan of your patio furniture, consider putting them into storage during the colder months when they won’t be used – it will keep them clean and dry until they’re ready for use in the spring.  

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4) You get what you pay for

With patio furniture, unlike indoor furniture, you get exactly what you fork out cash for – the better quality, longer lasting pieces will be more expensive. However, in the long run, these pieces are better value for money, as they will withstand weather conditions and general wear and tear much better than cheaper alternative. Also, they will not need to be replaced as often, so the initial price should be the only price. Make sure you check customer reviews and feedback before buying, to check the quality of the furniture once it’s on your patio, instead of in the store.   Image result for money

5) Match up

Matching your patio furniture to your patio is one way to make sure that everything ties together nicely. Inject some colour with different cushions and decorations, while keeping the frame of chairs and tables neutral. You might even choose to buy a weather-resistant rug to bring the underfoot comfort of the indoors out into your garden.  

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Best of luck in finding the perfect furniture to compliment that freshly laid Patio.

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