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Whether this is in your back garden, front garden or inside the house, plants are the perfect way of bringing new life into your home, quite literally! Hanging baskets are the perfect way to welcome your guests into your house. A great tip is to make sure that you are keeping the decor relatively symmetrical. Also, you can make your own hanging baskets if you are trying to keep costs down. Planting your favourite plants on raised beds is also a useful tip if you want to make your garden more private.  

A lick of paint

There’s nothing worse than when you see a beautiful home that is lacking in some TLC. Whether it is going over the paint with the same colour, or giving your front door a bold new look, painting the house is an effective way of keeping your house looking fresh and loved. The same goes for the inside of the house. A great way to liven up your living room or bedroom is to have a feature wall. This way the colour and pattern of the room are not overpowering but you can still allow your own personal touch to influence the style of the room.  

New patios or driveway

Another way to start 2018 in style is to get a new patio or driveway fitted into your front/back garden. Getting a patio is a good investment for the future as it increases the value of your home. It is also a great investment in terms of providing a space to make valuable memories with family and friends. A patio will change the whole feel of your back garden, by breaking it up and allowing for a stylish new area that people can enjoy various activities in. A new driveway is also a great way to keep with the times and keep your house looking stylish and updated. When it comes to getting a new driveway fitted there is plenty of choices. Whether you want a resin or tarmac driveway, Lowther can help you start 2018 in style.

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