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Resin Driveways in Warrington

What are Resin Driveways?

  Resin Driveways are made by binding together small pieces of stone with high-tech resin, this process creates a firm and beautiful finish. Unlike the traditional tarmac driveway, your Resin Driveway will promise a great appearance all year round; small gaps are formed between the stones, which allows rainwater to drain right through. Because of this, no puddles appear on the driveway, achieving the attractive look of gravel, with the firmness of tarmac, avoiding any accessibility issues that can come with gravel driveways.
Resin Driveways | Jlowther & Sons
Resin Driveway in Warrington | Jlowther & Sons

What Stones Are Available?


Resin Driveways give you heaps of choice when it comes to finishes and we supply a variety of stones including crushed marble. We also stock a variety of colour choices, from a neutral beige brown right up to deep reds and lime greens, we stock choices for every type of taste! Resin Driveways have a reputation for being associated with luxury homes, but this type of driveway is not only practical, but perfectly affordable.

Bounding and Bonding Differences


There are two types of Resin Driveways – bounding and bonding. The difference is pretty straightforward, Bounding Resin Driveways have multiple layers fitted together, which is what allows the water to soak through and drain through the driveway. Bonding is a cheaper alternative that doesn’t filter water through, as it’s fitted on top of your existing tarmac or pavement.

Resin Driveways Warrington| Jlowther & Sons
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