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The benefits of a Resin Driveways Warrington are enormous and at J Lowther & Sons, we can’t tell you how much we enjoy installing resin driveways Warrington – it’s the simple things for us!

In all seriousness, a resin driveway has everything you could want for your new driveway. It’s far more eco-friendly than tarmac, it’s decorative and comes with a variety of custom options to suit your home and creative vision as well as being strong and hard-wearing, against the elements and whatever else is thrown at it!

In this blog, we aim to turn you from a non-believer to a believer in Resin Driveways!


There Are Two Types of Resin Driveway

The first thing you need to know before choosing your resin driveways Warrington is that there are two different types – bounding and bonding; tricky to remember as both sound very similar!

Bounding has multiple layers which absorb excess rainwater to then drain through the driveway. This is our most popular option due to its eco-friendly nature but also because of the benefits of not having a slippy driveway or puddles building up – great for ducks but not great for your new driveway!

The second type of resin driveways Warrington is bonding. Bonding is a cheaper alternative to bounding as it doesn’t channel excess water through the driveway. This is because a bonding resin driveways Warrington is fitted on top of any existing tarmac or pavement.


All-Year-Round Appearance and Eco-Friendly

One of our favourite things about resin driveways Warrington is that the appearance of your new driveway will not diminish and we can guarantee you a fantastic appearance all-year-round, (of course everything needs some TLC from time to time!)

When you purchase a resin driveways Warrington you can feel that you are doing your bit, however small, for the environment. This type of driveway is bar the most eco-friendly that we offer due to its ingenious ability to filter rainwater through your driveway, leaving no trace of any puddles.

With the attractive look of gravel and the durability of tarmac, a resin driveway combines the best features of all other driveway designs, and that’s not forgetting the array of colours and custom options that we can provide!


So there you have it. A complete rundown of the brilliant benefits of a resin driveway from J Lowther & Sons. If we’ve convinced you that this is the driveway for you, call us on 01925 394 813 or get a free quote here.


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