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Every house is different and J Lowther & Sons offers a wide range of services from block pathways to tarmac and patios. With over 30 years of experience, we are a dedicated family run business that has accentuated many Warrington driveways and patios over time with our skills. Above all, we are adamant about satisfying the customer, meaning that the work we do should be suited to the customer and their home. Yet, the question is, would patio or tarmac compliment your property best?


Tarmac is a cheap method that is the best fit to being laid on a hard surface, but it requires a lot of time and machinery, which makes it more cost-effective for long or large areas. It is impact resistant, non-slip and an excellent choice for those with drainage issues. In fact, it is a rather common choice for Warrington driveways because it can cover other surfaces – particularly unsightly ones – and is long lasting. However, it is not always best for unusually shaped outdoor areas. Although it is easy to maintain as a result of its weather resistant qualities, oil or petrol spillages may need to be fixed professionally and will break down the material. Due to this, tarmac is not ideal for those working with vehicles that could cause such incidents.


Typically, a patio is made up of block pavement. This means it is a personalised option that offers a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that can be expressive of the customer’s tastes – we pride Warrington patios on being an appealing addition to the space. Aside from looking good, the block pavement makes for a flexible design and is durable. If the hard-wearing material did crack or break, it could be repaired much easier than tarmac. On the other hand, it is the more expensive of the two and requires a level surface to lay it on. It is also a time-consuming job because we aim to perfect complicated patterns to only the highest standard. Overall, a patio could be considered better in certain conditions.

Whether tarmac or patio is best depends on three things – budget, time and pre-existing ground conditions. No matter the choice, we will deliver a high-quality job as we previously have several Warrington patios and driveways.

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