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Patio design

Patio design: How should you have it?

Designing a new layout for your patio design can prove to be quite a stressful job – especially if you skip out on the necessary planning time or are unsure about sizing, budget or any other aspect of the project. You should be aware in advance of the position of your patio area, the size and shape, the pattern you want to create and the specific material you will choose, before even beginning your new patio. They are multiple things to take into consideration.

The Position

Choosing the position of your new patio design is an important thing to consider, and should come hand in hand with the patio’s purpose – for example, should your patio be used mostly for sunbathing in the summer months, then placing it in the shade cast by your house won’t be very useful. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere sunny and warm, shade may be a welcome escape from the heat – therefore choosing to position your patio in the shadow of your property is the perfect solution. Also, you need to consider how much shelter your chosen position provides – patios are perfect when there is no interruption from passers-by and you can enjoy the company of your friends and family in your own private little haven. If you choose the right amount of shelter, your patio furniture or barbeque will be protected from the weather – another benefit.       Block paving warrington  

The Size and Shape

Again, this decision should be made while considering the purpose of your patio. You should ensure that the size and shape fits the activities that will be carried out here. If the patio design will be used mainly for dining, you should ensure that there is enough room for chairs and tables that will fit every family member. Before beginning your project, you should measure and mark out the size and shape of your desired area – leaving these markings for a few days could help you determine whether or not it is in the right place, as you can carry on with your daily activities and see if it causes any hindrance. If not, then you are good to go!       patios warrington        

The Patterns and Materials

There are so many options available to choose from where materials are concerned – and even more option for the pattern in which you lay said material out! This is where you can let your creativity flow – choose bright colours to really make a statement or muted hues to create a tranquil space. Pattern-wise, intricate designs can add interest to your patio, but simple mosaic patterns will keep it classic. With pattern and material, the cost will be a big factor – there are materials available for every budget, starting with cheap concrete through to costly slate or York stone.       patio design    

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