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Top tips to maintain your garden for Spring

The harsh Winter weather can wreak serious havoc on your garden, leaving it an overgrown, half-dead mess of plants once Spring rolls around. Fear not – even if your garden has been neglected for months, there are a few tips on how to repair and maintain your garden during the season. A little hard work is all it takes to bring your garden into the summer months.

Have a clear out

Clearing out old debris and clutter, like fallen leaves and branches, will clear out some space to plant new flowers or allow old ones to regrow. You should also check your gardening tools to make sure they’re in good condition to continue use – if not, invest in a few new ones for the new season.

Sort out your soil

After harsh weather, soil can be rinsed off its nutrients, leaving it in poor condition. The soil will be dried out, and it will be very difficult to maintain your garden with this low-quality soil. As the weather warms up, it is important to return some moisture to the soil. Try to add any kind of organic material, such as manure or fertiliser, so that there is a good foundation present to get some spring plants and flowers growing.

Sow your seeds

Spring is the best time of year to plant seeds. It’s always recommended that the soil is in good condition, and is nice and warm to promote growth.

Trim down old plants

During winter, it’s inevitable that gardening takes a back seat in your priorities. Plants can become unruly and overgrown but can be fixed with a few simple snips. Cutting back old plants will make sure that they continue to grow. To maintain your garden, cut back summer plants at the beginning of spring, and snip blooming plants straight after they blossom.

Plant your flowers

The next step is to pick some new flowers. This is the fun part – spring is perfect for almost any flower or plant to bloom. The weather conditions are perfect for vegetables like lettuce and peas, pansies, lilacs, tulips and tomato plants. If you are looking for a tip to maintain your garden for longer, with minimum effort, opt for perennials, which last from two to three years and are hardy against winter frost.

Mow your lawn

Now you’re ready to mow your lawn! This will tidy up overgrowth from winter, and get rid of dead grass to make way for new, fresh growths.

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