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When it comes to driveways, there’s no place better to go than a local, honest run business. There is simply more time to meet the customer’s needs when it’s a local driveway business as the client list is smaller than big companies, therefore, quality is assured.

When you’ve decided to get a driveway you have to answer the question, what material should I get? Now driveway materials vary in price and quality so you have to make sure your choice matches your price range, style and quality expectations.

Gravel and tarmac/asphalt are generally the cheaper choice of driveways weighing in at £3.26 per square foot. These are practical materials for a driveway, however, aren’t the best lookers, therefore if it is appearance you’re going for, then this is perhaps not for you. These options are good if you’re creating a carpark space however as they provide a cheap surface that doesn’t harm tyres.

Concrete comes next at £6.52 per square foot. Concrete is very versatile as a driveway option, as it can be moulded into the shape of your land and can generally provide a nice looking driveway on your property. The hard surface can be used to park cars, play football/basketball on or even just provide an even walk-way to your front door.

The more expensive option is paving at £19.56 per square foot. Obviously there is a massive difference between this and the other prices, however, it is by far the best in quality and appearance. Paving can last for years and if paved properly by your local driveway team, therefore this could actually work out to be cheaper and more efficient in the long term! Gravel and concrete usually come with problems such as erosion and weeds growing through, however, with proper paving the risk of this is reduced! Paving will cost a lot more yes, however it will only add value to your house should you plan to resell in the future!

Making your house and outdoor space more attractive will only attract more people to buy your home, which will give you a larger return on investment if you ever sell up!

For more information on driveways in the local area to Warrington visit our contact page for any queries or even quotes!

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