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With Christmas around the corner, your driveway will soon be seeing the arrival of Jack Frost – as we all know at Christmas time, some gifts are more welcome than others, and frost on a driveway certainly fits into the latter category!

A frozen driveway can make parking difficult as well as a safety hazard, particularly for families with young children.

So we thought that at J Lowther & Sons that it was just the right time to provide you with a useful gift this Christmas – A J Lowther & Sons blog!

In our latest rundown, we give you three of the best hacks to say farewell to frost this winter…


Sand –

Sand is a cheap, cost-effective way of giving your driveway the much-needed traction it needs when it has frosted over.

Take care, not to over-sand though. A large amount of sand can start to become thick and ineffective at thawing frost from your driveway.

If you also have eco-drainage on your driveway, you should avoid the use of sand as it can hamper the effectiveness of your drains, well, drainage!


Rock Salt –

Good on your dinner, even greater on your driveway!

You don’t have to own a snowplough to make use of good old-fashioned rock salt. Freely available, rock salt is quick and effective at thawing frost from your driveway.

Should you have any pets, let the salt do its magic first. It can be harmful to those family friends of yours and nobody wants an unexpected trip to the vets over the festive period!


Get shovelling! –

Should you live in a rural area or even better we get the gift of snow this Christmas, then it’s time to dust off the rust from the shed shovel!

Good for you and good for the ground your driveway is built on, that trusty shovel is free and eco-friendly.

We might not be lucky enough for consistent snow but if we are then the shovel is your best bet to say farewell to frost!

Is a new driveway on your Christmas list? Call Jack and the team on 01925 394 813 or fill in our enquiry form here for a free quote…

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