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In the UK one of the most popular surfaces for driveways is tarmac. Tarmac driveways have increased in popularity due to the clean look and overall durability. Tarmac if laid correctly, can be a hard and durable compound suitable for driveways capable of being driven on over the lifetime of the driveway. Even though tarmac is such a great solution there are several tips to make sure your driveway stays in the best shape for many years to come.

After Driveway Installation

After the initial installation make sure that your driveway has little traffic for at least 3-5 days. This is a vital stage as many people will think it will be suitable to start driving on it immediately but this is not the case. Tarmac does cure very quickly but below the surface this will need to cool at its own pace and allowed to set solid. By doing this your tarmac driveway will get the best start to its long life.

Tarmac in Hot Weather

Even though tarmac is durable this does not mean it is impossible to ruin and hot weather is one factor to look out for. In the UK we are not too fortunate to get lots of hot weather but when the thermometer does spike, you need to look after your drive. The hot weather increases the temperature of the tarmac and makes it soft. If any heavy loads including cars are parked on the drive during peak heat this can cause damage to the drive. A simple hose down of your driveway after a hot day will help harden the tarmac back to its usual state.

Sealant Protection

After around a year into the the life of your tarmac driveway it is advisable to add a seal protection to your driveway. The original supplier of the driveway should be able to advise you on the types of protection available and what will prolong the look and useability of your driveway. Sealants are great ways to protect your driveway from thing such as oil drips and spills from your cars, exhaust fumes and general wear and tear.


With the daily grind your driveways are susceptible to spillages whether it a tub of paint knocked over in the garage and down the drive, petrol, diesel, oil, etc. With any spillages you will need to make sure these are cleaned up correctly with the use of sawdust.

Tarmac driveways are a great solution to a strong durable driveway and some easy steps will be around for many years to come.

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