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The winters can be harsh, and something that people fail to do time and time again is to take care of their driveway. Not only can this be dangerous, but it can also lead to expensive repairs, most of which can be avoided.

With the months only getting colder, we’ve got some top tips on maintaining your driveway throughout the winter. Come and take a look!

Shift the snow

It’s hit and miss whether we’ll be treated to snow this winter but should we be fortunate enough, it’s time you shifted it from your driveway immediately.

When the snow starts to layer up, once melted, the excess water can make its way into any cracks and freeze again. This frozen water then expands and could crack or create a hole in the driveway – something no one wants.

Seal the driveway

Even the best-kept driveways can be susceptible to the elements if they’re not treated. That’s why a sealant can be a great idea to help keep the cold at bay.

This simple and cost-effective solution ensures that any excess water isn’t able to creep into the gaps, thus preventing the possibility of cracks.

Be careful what products you use

As ice or snow forms, we can immediately opt for whatever product we have in the garage or cupboard to remove it, but this isn’t the case with driveways.

Most products will be filled with chemicals and salts, and these could filter through to the cracks and make them worse. Instead opt for the cheap alternative of sand, where the snow and ice will thaw out far quicker, without the strain on your driveway.

Don’t let things stack up

If your driveway already isn’t clean before snow and ice hits, then all it is going to do is form a damaging blanket on top. Remove leaves, twigs and anything else that can fall on the driveway in the colder months, as this will not only keep your driveway in tip-top condition, but it will also lessen the workload of clearing up any sub-zero weather effects.

Have the products you need ready

The weather may be unpredictable, but it shouldn’t mean your cleanup operation is. Make sure you have the necessities ready, as time really can be of the essence when it comes to protecting your driveway.

Stock up on bags of sand, a high-quality shovel and something to get rid of leaves and other debris, and should the cold spell hit, you’ll be more than prepared!

If you need repairs on your driveway or would like some additions to combat the colder months, then get in touch with J Lowther & Sons on 01925 394 813 and a friendly member of our team will be more than happy to help!

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