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Are you searching for tips to get your driveway ready for autumn? J Lowther and Sons are here to help!

As the summer sun fades and the leaves begin their colourful transformation, autumn in the UK introduces cooler temperatures and more unpredictable weather conditions.

This is the perfect time to prepare your driveway for the upcoming season.

J Lowther is here to provide some essential tips to prepare your driveway for autumn.

Tips to get your driveway ready this Autumn

Clear Debris

The first step in preparing your driveway for autumn is to clear any existing debris. Summer can leave a collection of dirt, leaves, and other detritus that can cause damage if left unchecked.

A stiff broom or leaf blower can effectively remove these unwanted materials from your driveway.

Deal with Weeds

Weeds tend to thrive during summer and can cause significant damage to your driveway if not addressed.

The roots can penetrate the surface, causing cracks and potholes. Use a weed killer specifically designed for driveways to eradicate these pesky plants. Remember to follow the instructions on the label for the best results.

Inspect for Damage

The heat and UV radiation from the summer sun can cause your driveway’s surface to crack or fade. Inspect your driveway thoroughly for any signs of damage.

Small cracks can be repaired with a suitable filler, while larger ones may require professional attention.

Seal the Surface

Sealing your driveway is an excellent way to protect it from the harsh autumn weather.

A quality sealant can help to prevent water penetration, which could lead to freezing and thawing cycles that cause damage during winter. It also helps to maintain the colour and overall appearance of your driveway.

Prepare for Falling Leaves

Autumn brings a beautiful array of colours as trees shed their leaves. However, these leaves can pile up on your driveway, creating a slippery and potentially dangerous surface.

Consider investing in a suitable leaf blower or garden vacuum to clear your driveway.

Install Driveway Lighting

With shorter days and longer nights, autumn can make your driveway dark and challenging to navigate.

Installing driveway lighting can enhance visibility and safety. Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly and cost-effective option.

Consider Drainage

The UK’s autumn weather can bring substantial rainfall, so consider your driveway’s drainage system.

Ensure it’s clear of debris and functioning correctly to prevent water accumulation, which could lead to damage or icy conditions as temperatures drop.

Check for Tree Hazards

Autumn winds can cause branches to fall, posing a potential risk to your driveway and vehicles. Inspect nearby trees for any loose or dead branches and have them professionally removed if necessary.

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