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The increasing awareness about the impact of us on the environment and what we can do to prevent further damage – whether it’s buying fewer products with less packaging, cycling to work or cutting down on eating meat. We are modifying our homes and making our gardens more sustainable. Here are some potential ideas which you can implement into your front garden to be more eco-friendly for your driveway in Warrington.

Cutting down use of water

Garden maintenance in Warrington is at peak demand, with up to 70% of the UK’s water supply, therefore reducing the amount of water we use is an easy step to become slightly more eco-friendly. You can further apply a reduction of water in your driveway in Warrington is by using low water planting. They usually specify in Mediterranean climate for example Rosemary. Alternatively, you can also harvest water when it is raining by using rainwater butts. There are different types of rainwater butts to match your garden driveways.

Driveways materials

If you have a paved area or a driveway in Warrington, you can investigate environmentally friendly driveway options. Some driveway grounds in Warrington use impermeable materials, meaning water runs off to the public drainage system, potentially overloading it. Some of our materials we use at J Lowther & sons for our resin driveways allow rainwater to drain through easily with no puddles. These driveways will soak into the soil and keep plants/trees hydrated as well.

Contact an expert

During 2016 the UK saw some of the worst floodings in many decades. Although your driveway in Warrington may not be at risk of flooding itself, the management of surface water runoff from your property can increase risk/danger for other communities downstream. Sustainable drainage systems help with reducing flood risk plus removing the need for planning permissions.

Prevent Air pollutants

Air pollutants are very common in urban areas – this can help combat your front garden. Contacting a garden designer will help you decide what trees and shrubs will be best for your driveway in Warrington. This will help offer you purify the air that also offers a spectacular view from inside your house. A very effective plant to use for removing air pollutants is Common Ivy. It removes air pollutants by a process called phytoremediation.

Make a habitat for local wildlife

A few minor changes in your front driveway garden in Warrington can help create a more environmentally friendly appealing space. Choosing native plants and specific trees can form a great front garden haven for local wildlife. Implementing aesthetically pleasing ornaments will look great positioned on some featured driveway pavings. You can also include log piles which are a good habitat for hedgehogs in the winter season and a little pond is a great addition for frogs and toads. This wildlife is also a natural predator of the slugs/bugs that eat our plants benefiting both wildlife and you.  

If you like our tips, get in touch with us here and we’ll see how we can help.

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