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Keep it clean

You don’t want to spoil your patio by keeping it messy! Clear the area first, then hose it down. After you have done this, use a stiff brush to thoroughly scrub the area with a cleaning solution. If you leave this for around 10 minutes you can then hose it down using a power cleaner or whatever you have available.  

Decorate your patio with cushions and blankets

If you want to use your space to its full potential, then why not go inside the house and choose a mix-match of some of your blankets and cushions to lay on your patio. This will make for a much more relaxing, colourful and inviting atmosphere. Also, it makes for a warmer patio! Alternatively, you can purchase a patio heater if you want to continue using your patio to its full potential over winter.  

Build a storage station

If you’re looking to make practical use of your space then you could build your own station in a corner of the patio. This can then be used to store useful items for functions. For example, you could store your drinks there so you don’t have to keep going inside the house. You could also use the storage space to keep some books and board games in. This could prove to be the perfect ice-breaker if you have new guests at your house for the first time.  

Add fairy lights

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the lighting on your patio, then you could use fairy lights instead. See if you have any in the house or any that your friends aren’t using any more. Alternatively, you could use your Christmas lights! This way, you will give your patio a wintery feel. It is getting darker and colder so we need all the warmth and light we can get.   If you are interested in getting a durable and innovatively designed patio fitted in time for Christmas then feel free to get in touch.

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