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Jack and his team have temporarily had to down tools however they are still working hard behind the scenes to provide you with quality content and ideas for your garden and will be back up and running again once it is safe and they are able to!

We have put together three awesome DIY project ideas which will hopefully keep you busy in the garden during isolation, keep reading for ideas and instructions!


Painted garden stones 

We thought we’d start with a nice easy project that you can start at home, either by yourself or with your friends/family that you live with! All you need for this one is stones from your garden and some acrylic paint; time to use up the leftover paint that you’ve got stored away in the garage!

If you start off painting a base layer with acrylic paint then you can paint your design or message over the top once this is dry. This is a nice idea which will keep the kids entertained and also add a pop of colour to your garden!

You could even use the painted stones as a way of labelling the different vegetables or plants you are growing in your garden.


Squirrel bench 

You may have already seen people attempting this next isolation trend, which is to build a mini bench in your garden for squirrels to perch on! You will need to make sure that you have wood available for this DIY project.

Aside from that, it’s pretty easy, all you need to do is make sure you cut the right sizes of wood and then attach them together! Below we have listed the measurements and instructions for the bench: 


1 x Tabletop: 6 inches x 10 inches 

2 x Benches: 1.5 inches x 10 inches 

2 x Bench supports: 1-inch x 9 inches 

4 x Legs: 1.5 inches x 4 inches (cut at a 30° angle) 


  1. Cut out your pieces of wood as per the above measurements 
  2. Attach the angled legs pieces to the tabletop 
  3. Slide in and attach the bench supports to the table legs 
  4. This will now give you somewhere to attach the two benches 

If you are struggling then here is a video to a useful tutorial:


Skateboard rope swing 

Have you got an old skateboard lying around that you don’t use anymore? Don’t throw it away! You can use it to build a DIY swing for your garden. What more fun could you possibly have during isolation! All you need to do is: 

  1. Discard the wheels 
  2. Scrape the board with a wire brush and sand it out 
  3. Paint it whatever colour you want and allow to dry 
  4. Drill two holes on each side of the skateboard for the string 
  5. Cut two dowels with the same width as the skateboard for the handles (optional) 
  6. Drill two holes in the dowels (using your skateboard holes as a reference as these will need to match up 
  7. Assemble your rope and knot appropriately   

There you have it, a makeshift swing which you can securely tie onto a tree in the garden! 

We hope you have enjoyed our 3 DIY garden projects, please send in your pictures if you complete any of these and let us know if you would like to hear more from us.

Jack and his team are not currently working due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however, they will be back to providing your dream gardens once it is safe and they are able to!

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