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According to various studies, an alarming decline in insect species is taking place. If insects are declining at a consistent rate, 40% of the insect species will become extinct in some decades. However, if gardeners comply, this issue can be resolved. All you need to do is be considerate about the insect crisis while maintaining the garden.

If insects go extinct completely, many of nature’s ecosystems will fail, leaving catastrophic effects! Maintaining the garden is, therefore, essential to fix this crisis. There are many simple ways you can do this. Even creating a separate station for bees and such insects on, perhaps the balcony can resolve this problem. All you need to do is plant suitable plants and provide a little watering place for them to survive. If you are eager to prevent this crisis from prevailing, this is what you can do:

1) Avoid the use of pesticides

Pesticides consist of dangerous chemicals that you spray all over the plants when maintaining the garden. Pesticides are troublesome for the insects. Not many people rely much on the plants that they grow. If you have enough predators to control the problem of pests, maintaining the garden will become an easy task. On top of that, if you get along with your neighbors, try educating them on this issue too. By doing this, you will create an even greater corridor for insects to visit and gain their mobility back again!

2) Use plants that attract insects

Having plants that attract more insects like bees are ideal you are when maintaining the garden. By planting native plants, or even their hybrids, you attract more insects. Plants that you grow at home restrict other species to invade your garden or the area where you reside. Moreover, wildflowers like cow parsley attract more flying insects. Hoverflies or wasps are attracted to tall umbels like Angelica gigas, etc. Growing single flowers are better than growing double-flowered varieties.

3) Grow flowers throughout the year

People don’t know much about flowers and usually grow them during milder winters. When maintaining the garden, make an effort to devise a planting scheme that grows flowers all year long. For instance, aconites, crocus, as well as snowdrops can initiate the year. Moreover, containers and hanging baskets can have seasonal flowering plants depending on that season it is. Fruit bushes like apple trees give spring blossom, while cherry trees and other single-flower plants give nectar for insects that pollinate.

4) Construct deadwood piles

Many insects live in Deadwood. These insects include beetles and other advantageous insects. When maintaining the garden, make deadwood piles so that insects can breed in them. How are beetles beneficial? They consume slugs, implying that they are ideal for controlling pests.

5) Don’t over-maintain your garden

Your garden can look untidy. Especially during the winters, dead leaves from autumn might be all over your garden. However, even when you clean, ensure that there is a small area that is untidy. This space can act as a shelter for many insects. You’ll mostly find bumblebee nests in this area.

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