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At J Lowther & Sons, we’re not just driveways. We love our gardens too!

Our landscaping team are some of the keenest gardeners around. They also have plenty of green-fingered ideas up their sleeves.

With winter getting ever closer, it’s time to round of those outstanding autumn landscaping in Warrington tasks!

In this latest J Lowther & Sons blog, we’re going to round up that final autumn landscaping in Warrington jobs that need to be done before the winter freeze sets in!


Seed Harvesting –

If you have a fruit and veg garden, you’ve probably been enjoying your seasonal produce.

However, now’s the time to start looking towards next spring. Take a look around the garden and gather any seed heads from existing plants that you can see; if possible, store these in a container that locks out air and moisture.

You can also leave seeds to attract wildlife and migrating birds to your garden.

Cover your fruit and vegetable garden with a healthy covering of manure; this keeps out pesky weeds and keeps those vital nutrients nice and toasty throughout the winter months.


Give the garden a good tidy –

Autumn landscaping in Warrington is all about ensuring your garden doesn’t have to work harder than necessary.

Plants need to focus their life force on their roots, so make sure to scout out any opportunities for pruning in the garden.

Don’t let the autumn leaves build up either, as pretty as they may be! Find a good rake, and if you have an area available, create your own compost heap.


What about my lawn?

Your lawn becomes pretty self-sufficient in the later months of the near, after the near-constant mowing of summer and spring.

The best practice for the autumn and winter months is to remove any dead thatch, get the fork to hand, and give your lawn a good going over!

By doing this, you aerate your lawn which significantly reduces the risk of compaction. Don’t forget to feed your lawn with a good-quality grass feed – we all need to stock up on nutrients throughout winter, even your lawn!


Think you could need a hand or two in gearing up your garden for winter? Call our Autumn landscaping in Warrington team on 01925 394 813 or get a free quote here!

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