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Aesthetically Pleasing

Driveways make a huge difference to the appearance of your house. They are the first thing a person tends to see as they enter. Amongst the advantages of installing a resin driveway, is that there is minimal weed growth. No one wants ugly weeds ruining the appearance of their driveway! As well, the bound together stones give the driveway a smooth appearance.  

Flexible Options

There is a variation of stones you can choose from when picking your driveway, allowing you to match it with the colour and theme of your house so that it does not look out of place. Additionally, there are two types of resin driveways, bounding and bonding. Bonding is an additional layer placed on your existing driveway, therefore it does not filter water as well but it is a cheaper alternative if you are looking to save costs. Bounding costs extra but secures a more permeable and durable driveway.  


Part of the advantages of resin driveways is that the small gaps between the stones allow for rain-water to drain through very easily. This means that there will be no puddles forming on your driveway. This can also prove to be beneficial for your soil as the water will soak into the soil and keep plants/trees hydrated.  

Easy to Install

Depending on how big your driveway is, efficient workers are able to get the job done within hours. Once installed, the resin driveways are relatively low maintenance, so are the perfect option if you are looking for a quick, hassle-free experience when getting a new driveway fitted.  

Durable/Long Lasting

Amongst the advantages of having a resin driveway is that there won’t be any loose stones. The driveway has a smooth (but not slippery) texture proving to be wheelchair and pushchair friendly. If you want the driveway to be even more durable then you can get multiple layers of resin for the desired outcome.

If you are interested in getting a resin driveway fitted then contact us for further details.

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